It’s “Take a Moment” Tuesday

Here are 2 ways you can participate:

Option 1: Meet in the DOC (Room 201) at 12:00-12:30 pm (bring a yoga mat, if you’d like) we will be participating in a short mindfulness exercise leaving us feeling rejuvenated and present in the moment.

If you cannot attend:  

Option 2: Take a moment at your desk, or wherever you are by giving yourself time and space to clear your mind by taking a few deep breaths as follows:

1. Inhale slowly, close your eyes and count 1…2…3…4

2. Exhale slowly, count 1…2…3…4

3. Repeat 4 times

4. Open your eyes

5. SMILE: The last step is the most crucial. Did you know that smiling, whether you want to or not can immediately change your mood? So cool!

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